Office Delivery

Looking for a pain-free way to promote health and wellness among your employees? Our farm share is the perfect solution!


1. Increased Impact

The Wild Hope Farm Share Program will increase the scale of your wellness efforts, extending your reach beyond employees to their families. Our full vegetable share feeds 3-4 people on a weekly basis, that's 3x the impact!

2. Minimal Effort

This health initiative requires little effort on your behalf - all you need to do is promote the vegetable share among your employees and we'll do the heavy lifting for you! Each week we harvest what's in season, deliver to your office, and park our trailer outside (see video below). Your employees can pick up their share at their convenience throughout the designated pick-up day using a key code we provide.  

3. Behavior Change

We know that the only way to sustain a wellness initiative is through behavior change. With the right education, skills, motivation, and social support, people change behaviors. Through weekly emails with recipe ideas and storage tips, communication in our private facebook group, and on-farm events, we teach our members how to cook seasonally and provide opportunities for them to visit the farm to learn about our sustainable farming approach. We support our farm share members every step of the way to ensure lasting behavior change! 

4. Subsidized Shares

Our full share costs $32/week. Employers have the option to subsidize the share as desired. 


Want to foster a corporate culture of wellness and promote sustainability through our farm share program? Contact us to begin the conversation! 

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