Photography by Jamey Price

Photography by Jamey Price


We are seeking strong, efficient people with experience and passion who aspire to run their own farm some day. All employees are integral members of our small team at Wild Hope Farm. During the season you will be exposed to all aspects of organic farming and deepen your knowledge of our organic farming methods, produce and operations, bee keeping, season extension, cover cropping, no-till methods, compost heat extraction, pasture raised chickens, soil quality, harvesting and packing, customer delivery, and selling. You will become familiar with our modern equipment (see list on job descriptions) and be trained on usage. We will assess your development and coach you towards operating independently over the time with us. 

About the Farm

With 6.5 acres under production, 6 acres in cover crops, and other mixed use acreage with greenhouses, walking trails, a large pond, and diversified natural areas, there is always a lot to do on the farm. Our produce is sold through a 150 person farm share, to local chefs or foodhubs, and at the Matthews farmers market. In addition to farming, we also host complementary on-farm events including retreats, weddings, farm-to-table dinners, and educational workshops to cultivate community and encourage people to learn about our farming practices. We welcome you to help with the planning and implementation of at least one of our on-farm events.

Goals for the future

We plan to scale our current 6.5 acres under production to 12.5 acres of vegetable production by 2020. As you might expect, this involves a great amount of planning and building both on the farm with our infrastructure (irrigation, fencing, soil quality) and in the community with our market development (growing from 150 to 300 member farm share). In addition, we are scaling up flowers and layer chickens over the 3 years. As an apprentice, you will gain direct experience in scaling an operation and an opportunity to grow with us. 

Innovating on the farm

We are always looking for ways to make our farming operation more efficient and we invite you test out new time and energy saving techniques. Our automated CSA delivery trailer is just one example of this - check out our trailer video here


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We are now accepting applications for all the positions listed. Please email your resume, 2-3 reference contacts, and a brief description of your interest in this opportunity to If you are considered for the position, we require a 1-2 day working interview on the farm. Please let me know if you do not foresee this as a possibility.