Meet Our Team

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Shawn Jadrnicek

Shawn is our designer. He has nourished his interest in sustainability through work as an organic farmer, nursery grower, extension agent, arborist, landscaper, and manager of Clemson University's Student Organic Farm. From his earliest permaculture experiments with no-till farming in the Santa Cruz Mountains to his highly functional bio-integrated designs in the Southeast, Shawn has learned how to cultivate food in a variety of climates and landscapes. He shares his creative solutions through teaching, consulting, design work, and his book.


Peanut (Katherine)

Peanut is our connector. She comes to the farm with a background in marketing, business development and design research, and is passionate about fostering community relationships. She tackles the finance and operations side of the business while also building the brand, hosting events, digging in the dirt, and selling our products in local markets. Most days of the week you can find her out in the field transplanting, trenching irrigation lines or harvesting your produce. 

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Henry Hernandez

Henry is our creator. A highly talented carpenter, wood worker, organic farmer, painter, landscaper, educator - he is truly a jack of all trades. With a background in construction, he know exactly what tools it takes to get the job done. Henry's innate curiosity makes him a quick study and he is not afraid to dirty his hands learning new skills. Henry supports all aspects of farm management from designing new structures to working the land and is an invaluable member of the team. 


Sarah & Tim Belk

Sarah is our dreamer and Tim our director. In 2009, with a small group of dedicated friends, Sarah helped launched Common Grounds, a farm stand striving to eliminate chronic homelessness. Though the farm stand is no longer operating, the relationships formed with local farmers and food-loving community members planted the seed for Wild Hope Farm. In May of 2016, when Tim announced his decision to "retire" from decades of work in corporate retail, Tim and Sarah began scheming their startup idea. Before long, Wild Hope Farm was up and running. Sarah and Tim's right and left brain approaches compliment one another and push the group forward into exciting new directions.