a vision for the land

sustainable farming

Located in Chester, South Carolina, our land has transitioned over the past few decades from forest to dairy farmland, and from corn intensive production to hay. For several years it has been Sarah and Tim's "wild hope" to replenish the eroded soils of the land (see image below) and transform it into an organic operation collectively benefiting the community and the surrounding ecosystem. With his extensive experience building farm designs that leverage natural processes to create functional growing environments, Shawn was the perfect person to help turn the Belk's dream into a reality. 

At Wild Hope Farm, we are passionate about bringing high-quality, organic food into our local communities through sustainable farming. Our hope is to grow our land into a place for education, exploration, and celebration centered around nature.

We aspire to build a top performing organic farm demonstrating efficiency, profitability and productivity while improving the land. We seek to share our knowledge and optimized growing systems with the greater farming community. We’re a small team with big ambitions. We look forward to sharing with you the evolution of our progress!

The key to good food is good soil

why dirt matters

Even though we are USDA Certified Organic, our focus “beyond organic” enables a more nutrient rich soil which in turn nourishes the plants we grow and the bodies of those who eat our produce! These practices simultaneously decrease off-farm inputs (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers) and increase the health of our ecosystem through a polyculture of crops, a diverse insect ecology, and enhanced soil microbiology on a farm. On top of all that, we think you can taste the difference in the freshness of our produce flavor. 

Photography by Jamey Price.

Photography by Jamey Price.

Zero Net Energy

renewable initiatives

With intentional planning of our land and infrastructure, we hope within the next few years to use zero net energy. From our low-cost compost heat extraction system to our 15.3 kilowatt solar PV array, we are always thinking about new ideas for conserving and producing energy on the farm.


Bringing Community TOGETHER

gather at the farm

We are building the foundation of a space where people can convene to exchange ideas, experiment with innovative practices, and celebrate the beautiful nature that surrounds us. We invite you to join us at the farm.