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Know your farmer, know your food


Our farm share is a direct partnership between you and our farm, enabling you to buy fresh and support local. When you purchase a share, you support our farm through the inherent risks and tasty rewards of farming. You pay an advance seasonal membership fee to cover the production costs of farming, and you receive in exchange a consistent share of our fresh harvest. Each basket feeds a family of 2-4 depending on diet & hunger. The produce, eggs, and cut flowers are distributed to you at a central location during a designated time. Funds generated from the farm share go directly to the farm.

Farm Share Offerings

Spring/Summer Share: End of April through July (14 weeks) $32/week

Fall Share: End of August through November (14 weeks) $32/week

 Sample summer share.

Sample summer share.

Pick-up options: 

Benefits include:

  • Access to high-quality, nutrient rich vegetables

  • Support a local farm and the livelihood of farmers

  • Join our cultivated food community and come volunteer on the farm on a Friday!

  • Participate in a sustainable food system (reducing your carbon footprint)

  • Try new foods and learn how to cook with them via our recipes on our Tidbits page of our website or our private facebook group

Our goal is to provide the best tasting produce so that your family can have farm-to-table meals every night. Each week we will send favorite recipes using Wild Hope ingredients to inspire your cooking. 

We are delighted by the opportunity to be your farmers, thank you for supporting Wild Hope! See below for more details on our CSA program.




Loved seeing you yesterday while picking up my lovely vegetables. Wow!! They were sooo beautiful. I went straight home and arranged them on a table and photographed them to put on Instagram then I immediately cooked the greens in chicken stock with a chopped onion and two ham hocks. I added the turnips to my greens near the end of cooking. I must say I first ate two raw. Then I sautéd a shallot in olive oil and then added the fantastic mushrooms and made my risotto. It was all so yummy... my entire box of veggies was a sight to behold in beauty. Looking forward to next weeks bounty. It's like Christmas opening up the crate to see what is inside. - Sally Cooper

We have been subscribing to Shawn's CSA for 5 years.  When Shawn arrived a few years ago he made positive changes using sustainable and permaculture principles that resulted in more and better organic produce. We have been extremely satisfied with the consistent high quality and generous quantity.  Shawn has also provided extras on the farm including education, tours and new eating experiences that have elevated our CSA experience to the next level. Often he adds in extra produce if it is available making up for any weeks that may have had fewer items due to weather. We have received much higher quality organic produce at a lower cost than we could ever purchase in a local grocery store. His produce is incomparable, non-GMO and free of chemicals and pesticides. Shawn’s CSA has been a wonderful resource for our family. We would recommend it to anyone looking for healthy local fruits and vegetables!!   - Ellie and Ted Taylor

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and learning from Shawn.  He has totally transformed the farm and the results speak for themselves.  I have been a member of the CSA since its inception. I really enjoy the variety and freshness of food as well as the opportunity to pick flowers and share in the community at the farm.  I hear lots of positive comments throughout the community about the farm and the asset it has become to us all. Thank you also for your willingness to allow students to tour the farm and to provide Slow Food Clemson University with produce for their dinners.  That has helped me a great deal in my work to introduce students to the Slow Food principles of "good, clean and fair" food. - Beth Kunkel